What is the GPT Store?

If you haven't already, we recommend reading this article about GPTs first.

The GPT Store is OpenAI's public marketplace for GPTs. Custom GPTs can be published by builders and used by anyone. The GPT Store is like an App Store for GPTs.

GPTs published on the GPT Store will be searchable and ranked by their performance on various metrics. OpenAI will also spotlight GPTs that are particularly useful or interesting in each category.

OpenAI has also released the potential for builders to earn money from your GPTs based on the number of users interacting with a GPT. This incentivizes builders to create high-quality GPTs that are useful to users, leveraging the builder's data to create something that is unique.

GPTs are built with privacy in mind, so conversations are never shared with the GPT Builder.

We recommend reading this article by OpenAI to learn more about the GPT Store.