About Us

Tool Explorer is a free project created by the team at Jellypod AI.

While building Jellypod, we came across many groundbreaking AI tools that dramatically increased our productivity and enabled us to do things in hours that would normally take weeks. From copywriting to image generation to even code, we found that there was pretty much a tool to augment every aspect of our business. This allowed us to stay lean and focus on delivering the most value to our customers.

What's crazy is that most pieces of software were built by small 1-4 person teams. They focused intensely on creating great products, which led little time to market and sell their tools.

We wanted to help these builders get their products in front of more people.

In the age of AI, it's still difficult to find high-quality tools. Sure, anyone can go to one of the many tool aggregators and search for what they want. You can often even filter by categories, price, or date, but you still have to sift through hundreds of tools to find what you need.

If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, it's even harder to find the right tool.

So we decided to build a CustomGPT trained on our internal database of over 12,000 AI tools. Each tool has been reviewed by humans on our team prior to it being published.

By leveraging the power of GPTs, we can work with users to communicate their exact usecase and needs, and use that information to provide the perfect tool for you.

And best of all, it's 100% free.

In the future, we may receive a small affiliate commission if you view a tool that we recomend. However, we will never recommend any AI tool that hasn't been personally vetted by our team and it will always be 100% free for our users.

We hope you enjoy using Tool Explorer as much as we enjoyed building it.

Try Tool Explorer for free* here: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-YFQNFNgSM-ai-tool-explorer

*OpenAI requires a ChatGPT+ subscription to access custom GPTs.